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Nov 26, 2023

Vincent covers the anti-migrant invasion riots in Ireland, Ron Desantis being weird and unlikeable yet again, Alex Jones' real estate empire and much more! 

Nov 17, 2023

Vincent covers Alex Jones' new video game and gives a fair and balanced review of its quality, gameplay, and value and debates on buying Conspiracy Bourbon to open at Forkfest as well as gripes about this year's cold and flu season. 

Nov 11, 2023

Vincent covers New York City Mayor Eric Adams surrending his phone to the FBI, Manchester New Hampshire electing a Republican mayor to fix crime and homelesss problem, Dartmouth's food theft problem and Orewellian solution and much more!  

Nov 7, 2023

Vincent covers the alleged leaks from the Nashville Trans Shooter's manifesto hosted by Steven Crowder, cardboard shortages are causing milk shortages in public schools, how Manchester New Hampshire is turning into a violent shithole like most other US cities, Dartmouth College faces consequences of its own wokeness and...

Nov 3, 2023

Vincent covers polling showing voters in key battleground states hate Biden more than they hate Trump, Karlyn Borysenko's honeymoon with the groypers and Nick Fuentes ends, and gives the latest shocking update in the saga of Alex Jones' downfall and much more!