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Aug 27, 2022

Vincent covers the NHExit rally video, Ashley Biden's diary being VERIFIED in which she claimed to have had innapropriate showers with Joe, President Biden promising to ban assault weapons again and fight againsts the MAGA fascists, Dr. Oz can't beat a half-braindead candidate in the Pennsylvania senate race,...

Aug 25, 2022

Vincent covers President Biden basically buying votes and promising student debt relief, infuriating the warmongers on Fox News, responsible debt payers get NOTHING, Marjorie Taylor Greene gets SWATed and suddenly stops believing in free speech, Laura Loomer refuses to concedere her election and much more! 

Aug 23, 2022

Vincent covers the assassination (or sacrifice) of Putin's Rasputin Dugin's daughter, camel toe surgery more popular due to yoga pants, Daily Stormer's Andrew Anglin is a vile pedophile apologist, Laura Loomer close to hitting the grift wall, Infowars' summer pool party and much more! 

Aug 20, 2022

Vincent covers the New Hampshire Libertarian Party's gubernatorial candidate "Dr." Karlyn Borysenko (who I covered in detail in the previous episode linked below) getting banned from twitter for doxxing, Merrick Garland just getting started prosecuting Trump while Trump is gearing up for revenge, Vincent's fantasy for...

Aug 18, 2022

Vincent covers the strange circumstances behind Ellen Degenerate's ex-girlfriend Anne Heche's death, her movies about chemtrails and sex trafficking, Mike Pence being lame in New Hampshire, Trump's inability to find a lawyer, beta males posting their vasectomies on tiktok and much more!