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Oct 27, 2019

Kanye West is back in the news claiming to be a Christian, Alex Jones "swears on a stack of Bibles" that he's a teetotaler, and James from AZ calls in and holds his own against Robert from VT and Satan, plus much more! 

Oct 25, 2019

Vincent spends the show going through his college newspaper's top headlines, including a puff piece on the administration's anti-free speech radical agenda, an opinion piece advocating for armed robbery of peaceful people, and a student life article on the negative health effects of vaping, which Vincent suspects is...

Oct 22, 2019

After her verbal attack on Canada, Vincent feels compelled to expose the shady forces behind Greta Thunberg and the movement to control the world's youth with "climate anxiety".

Oct 18, 2019

Vincent spends the episode ranting about his college's deficit, newspaper advice column, greek life's cult-like tendencies, and campus' new proposed "free speech" guidelines which endangers the first amendment rights of every student as well as his ability to do his show. 

Oct 6, 2019

I'm joined in studio by Radical Agenda host Christopher Cantwell to discuss the possibility of a pro or anti-Trump coup in light of the impeachment hysteria and expose the connections between the alternative right and malicious intelligence agencies.