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Oct 25, 2018

Vincent gives his view on the NPC phenomena, endorses Arvin Vohra for the Libertarian Party nominee, and tries to ruin "the movement" in the process.

"Bureaucracy is statism-lite" - V

Oct 14, 2018

Vincent goes over Mike Adams' Rational Wiki page, city governments cracking down on trick 'r treating, and takes calls. 

Oct 7, 2018

Vincent reaches a catharsis on his depression, gets pestered by a low IQ twitch troll, and calls out Alex Jones for fear mongering and calling for pro-Republican martial law.


Oct 7, 2018

In wake of everyone receiving the Presidential Alert test through their phones, Vincent takes to the air to warn about the inevitable martial law that's (probably) coming to a FEMA camp near you.

Oct 7, 2018

Vincent has his first female guest on and they discuss second amendment issues for the entire two hours.