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Oct 18, 2019

Vincent spends the episode ranting about his college's deficit, newspaper advice column, greek life's cult-like tendencies, and campus' new proposed "free speech" guidelines which endangers the first amendment rights of every student as well as his ability to do his show. 

Oct 6, 2019

I'm joined in studio by Radical Agenda host Christopher Cantwell to discuss the possibility of a pro or anti-Trump coup in light of the impeachment hysteria and expose the connections between the alternative right and malicious intelligence agencies.

Oct 3, 2019

Vincent spends an hour and a half exposing Elizabeth Warren for being controlled opposition for the central banking cartel, raises ethical concerns regarding his college newspaper's affiliation with the Warren campaign, and then goes over some local campus news ... written by said ethically questionable newspaper....

Oct 1, 2019

Vincent delves into the fake controversy being spread about the upcoming Joker movie, the shady figures behind #MAGA e-celebs, and much more!

Sep 27, 2019

Vincent tries to avoid controversial subjects as to not scare his prominent guest away by reading and commentating on the latest edition of the campus newspaper. What could possibly go wrong?