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Sep 8, 2020

After recovering from hay fever Vincent covers Toonami going woke, Kamala Harris becoming an anti-vaxxer, antifa getting their asses beat by patriots, and does a deep dive into pedophiles in the children's entertainment industry plus much more! 

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Aug 13, 2020

Vincent briefly explains what's been going on the past month before diving into Biden being revealed as a decoy candidate to the wicked lawyer Kamala Harris, freemasonry and college greek life, Kanye's 2020 presidential platform, and much more!

Jul 20, 2020

Vincent talks about chinese buffets in New Hampshire, Portland riots, Feds abducting antifa, and documentary movies.

May 27, 2020

Vincent spends his last show in Keene talking about the Libertarian presidential primary winner, the existence of Bigfoot, the Cuomo bros., the cult of Qanon, the TRUTH about the creator of Bitcoin and much more!

May 12, 2020

Vincent finds out that he apparently graduated from college the previous day and spends the show celebrating while covering the news.