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Jan 29, 2023

Vincent covers Buttcoin Trash promoter Roger Ver's latest legal dispute, Ted Cruz's proposal to have crypto vending machines in D.C., Steven Crowder admitting to having been bisexual and is afraid of having children, Charlie Kirk outed for being a zionist shill (to no one's shock), LGBTQ pedophiles caught pimping...

Jan 21, 2023

Vincent covers the latest update in the Crypto 6 case, Governor Sununu no longer in top 10 governor's list, Tucker Carlson's bitcoin-airline conspiracy theory, the GOP's plan to replace the IRS with a national sales tax, Steven Crowder vs Ben Shapiro, Ye 2024 update, and much more! 

Jan 17, 2023

Vincent covers the "hideous legacy of MLK", Biden's latest gaffs and creepings on little girls, ungrateful migrants trash NYC hotel at taxpayers' expense, Vincent's review of the first two episodes of Velma and much more!

Jan 7, 2023

Vincent covers the ongoing fight within the GOP over House Speaker, Biden's speech commemorating the "July 6" insurrection, Lauren Boebert giving Sean Hannity a taste of his own medicine, Archbishop calls for January 6 political prisoner fast, Stop the Steal grifter Ali Alexander continues to have a normal one and...