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Dec 29, 2022

Vincent reflects on the past few years and discusses the future of the show. 

Dec 25, 2022

Vincent and Shelly spend a cozy single digit temperature Christmas Special decorating the studio tree and painting a nutcracker while Vincent covers CNN's disgusting last ditch attempt to fearmonger before Christmas, Joe Biden denying the divinity of Christ in his Christmas address, the rising trend of "kidults"...

Dec 18, 2022

Vincent covers a new ad featuring democrats asking Joe Biden to not run again in 2024, former President Trump's new outrageous NFT grift and MAGA world's reaction to it, the latest Kanye West update, and much more! 

Dec 15, 2022

Vincent covers accusations that former FTL host Melanie "Traffic Stop? Kill the Cop" Neighbors turned informat against Ian during the crypto 6 trial and Trump's rapidly losing steam in the 2024 Republican Primary to Ron Desantis despite the latter not even running and much more! 

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