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May 28, 2022

Vincent investigates the claim that both the Buffalo and Uvalde shooters were groomed in the same discord server by the same person, whether this individual was the "retired" FBI agent known to have been invited to the Buffalo shooter's discord before the shooting and if he had advanced knowledge of the Uvalde...

May 26, 2022

Vincent does a deep dive into the promotion of Elon Musk as a savior figure on the right, the researcher who predicted his rise and ties with Alex Jones, Joe Rogan and the Military-Industrial Complex, how much are Tesla and Amazon subsidized by the government, Elon's "moderate" views on gun control and much more! 

May 24, 2022

Vincent covers the next medical psyop MONKEYPOX, former minister of truth Nina Jankowitz salty over being too cringe even for the Feds, Milton Friedman vs Joe Biden on inflation, Aleksandr Dugin and his toxic influence on Alex Jones and the alt-right, the alleged "portal to hell" above the White House and much more! 

May 19, 2022

Vincent debunks demonic disinfo on the supposed cons of breastfeeding, Jen Psaki's replacement's first week, DHS Ministry of Truth put on pause, President Biden visiting shooting victims only when it's politically convenient, the great replacement, the fostering of racial hatred by America's enemies, right-wing...

May 14, 2022

Vincent covers the ongoing baby formula shortage crisis, Jen Psaki getting heckled on her last day as propaganda secretary, Nick Fuentes' America First drama and antics gets mainstream media coverage, Baked Alaska claims "God" told him to bungle his plea deal and much more!