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Nov 25, 2018

Vincent glosses over Thanksgiving by remembering the Siege of Wounded Knee, then goes into how the French fuel tax rioters are putting American activists to shame, Gavin stepping down from the Proud Boys, and exposes libertarian hypocrisy regarding the symbiotic relationship between corporations and the modern...

Nov 18, 2018

Vincent foregoes his usual opening preramble to thank the podcast listeners and go over the geography of Questioning Authority's listeners, and then discusses Chicago's video game tax, 10 ways g-d "punished" the United States for inconveniencing Israel, and much more!

Nov 11, 2018

Ian of Free Talk Live hosts the first hour of the show while Vincent tears his apartment apart looking for his keys and you'll never guess where they were! Vincent arrives in time for the second hour and discusses how much of a difference 8 years made for Alex Jones, anti-GMO hip hop, and Howard Stern.

Nov 8, 2018

Almost exactly two years after his first late night LRN appearance Vincent does his second election night live show. He tries to stay focused on the results as he gloats over the failure of the NHLP to retain ballot access, rants about celebrities, and takes Cody from Off the Air Live's call for several segments.

Nov 5, 2018

Vincent begins the show talking about vaping and masturbating, takes a call from KPD, reads Romans 13, begs for money ( and promises to be more grateful for donations than Molyneux, plus much more!