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Dec 23, 2023

On this Christmas special Vincent covers the Reason for the Season, a second homosexual pornographic motion picture made in the US Capitol Building, a Communist commune terrorizes Jews in Mass, buy now pay later scams and much more! 

Dec 17, 2023

Vincent covers fake liberty governor Sununu endorse warmonger Nikki Haley, Kanye West's latest manic meltdown, Stew Peters barnstorming Infowars, is the Star of David the Seal of Solomon, Jill Biden's Holiday Tap Dancing cringe and much more!

Dec 9, 2023

Vincent provides commentary for the long awaited Alex Jones - Tucker Carlson "interview".

Dec 2, 2023

Vincent, going on 20 hours of sleep this week, goes into how he looked like fat slob Steve Bannon on stage, barely covers the Israel-Gaza conflict, Irish nationalists using Gaelic to get around EU hate speech monitors, Alex Jones being honest with Piers Morgan on owning over 50 firearms, comparing Jill Biden's...

Nov 26, 2023

Vincent covers the anti-migrant invasion riots in Ireland, Ron Desantis being weird and unlikeable yet again, Alex Jones' real estate empire and much more!