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Oct 23, 2021

Vincent records this episode in the forest and goes over his thoughts on the Biden's latest town hall on CNN and why it was hidden behind a paywall, Governor Sununu is out of touch and unpopular, World War One situation brewing in East Asia between China and the US, Japan and Australia over Taiwain, and much more!

Oct 21, 2021

Vincent covers how a majority of Americans are now affected by supply chain shortages, the President's Biden facing his lowest approval rating yet along with serious questions about his cognitive ability, Democrat elites showing open disdain for the press, schools continuing to abuse children with masks,...

Oct 19, 2021

Vincent covers the Chinese developing hypersonic nuclear weapons while the Globalist American Empire is culling the ranks of the US military of all competent free thinkers, Pete Buttigieg trying to spin consumer good shortages as being a good thing, Kamala Harris shifting responsibility to Santa Claus of all people,...

Oct 16, 2021

Vincent covers the aftermath of NH Governor Sununu's defeat at the last executive council meeting and how he apparently coordinated with his State Police goons to arrest protest and dissident leaders at the meeting, skyrocketing heating costs for all Americans, the President experimenting with dramatic pauses, revealing...

Oct 14, 2021

Vincent covers the groundbreaking protest outside the NH Executive Meeting where Dictator Sununu tried to get the council to accept a $27 million bribe disguised as covid funds to build FEMA camps or something and reads an analysis and gives his review of Squid Games.