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Nov 7, 2020

Vincent and Ian cover the 2020 Election as results come in along with plenty other topics including alcoholism, spring break getting canceled at Keg Stand, pandemic depression, and much more! 

Special events include Nobody shouting at Vincent to stop talking on his own show  and a record breaking 5 hours of...

Oct 31, 2020

Beginning to understand why Cody had so many long gaps between episodes in his archive and his four year anniversary in Keene being roughly around now, Vincent decides to upload the audio from the unpublished LRN 2016 election night coverage (in which he was as bad if worse than Alex Jones and Sean Hannity at...

Sep 8, 2020

After recovering from hay fever Vincent covers Toonami going woke, Kamala Harris becoming an anti-vaxxer, antifa getting their asses beat by patriots, and does a deep dive into pedophiles in the children's entertainment industry plus much more! 

Audio taken from

Aug 13, 2020

Vincent briefly explains what's been going on the past month before diving into Biden being revealed as a decoy candidate to the wicked lawyer Kamala Harris, freemasonry and college greek life, Kanye's 2020 presidential platform, and much more!

Jul 20, 2020

Vincent talks about chinese buffets in New Hampshire, Portland riots, Feds abducting antifa, and documentary movies.